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Cardiophon 2.0 has a much improved acoustic compared to the previous model and sets a new standard for cardiology stethoscopes. 
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Duplex 2.0 is distinguished by outstanding acoustic performance and comfort during the auscultation of adults, children, babies and newborns. 
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Double-headed chest-piece made in stainless steel, suitable for the precise auscultation of adults and children. 
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Duplex is a high-grade Riester quality stethoscope with precision double-headed chest-piece and special membrane for perfect auscultation. 
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The Riester Duplex de luxe stethoscope with double chest-piece offers acoustics in a class of its own for perfect auscultation. 
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The Tristar stethoscope with 3 different sized double chest-pieces for adults, children/babies and new-born children is outstandingly suitable for perfect auscultation in all frequency ranges. 
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SKU: 4191
Stethoscope for auscultation of the heart sounds of the embryo in the womb, made in aluminum, in cardboard box. 
$ 26.76
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SKU: 1805
Infrared thermometer that measures the body temperature of children and adults and the temperature of surfaces, rooms and liquids. 
$ 62.45
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SKU: 1806
Ri-thermo N professional infrared thermometer measures the body temperature of children and adults in a matter of seconds. 
$ 125.52
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Removable armrests, headrest and leg rest, user friendly remote controls backrest, leg rest, chair adjustment and seat adjustment. 
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User friendly remote controls backrest, leg rest, chair adjustment and seat adjustment with 4 programmable positions, 400lb. patient weight capacity. 
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SKU: 445KL
Folding side arms and footrest 
$ 555.00
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SKU: 2600KL
Fully Digital - avoid false readings that occur with analog electronic scales 
$ 2,503.00
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SKU: 2650KL
Motion-sensing weighing technology improves accuracy and speed 
$ 1,961.00
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SKU: 2500KL
Modular construction for easy self calibrating service 
$ 2,371.00
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SKU: 597KL
All-digital technology with updateable firmware 
$ 650.00
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SKU: 499KL
High capacity 500 lb/227kg 
$ 358.00
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SKU: 160KG
Easy-to-read 8 
$ 116.00
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SKU: 386S01
Weight lock-in and easy-read dial with sanitary tray 
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SKU: 142KL
Durable steel base and platform 
$ 101.00
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