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Schiller BR-102 Plus 24 Hour ABP System - Oscillometric Only

The discreet small-size BP monitoring unit

The SCHILLER BR-102 plus gives the highest degree of patient comfort. It is distinguished by its small dimensions and low weight. Incorporating a special technique, the cuff is only inflated as much as needed. This is why the BR-102 plus can barely be seen, felt, or heard during use. It is discreet and reliable. With the BR-102 plus, your patient can continue his everyday life undisturbed - the more naturally a patient acts, the more reliable the measured values are.

Blood pressure solutions for every physician

The BR-102 plus can be used in angiology, internal medicine, cardiology, and also general medicine (family doctors). One device and several fields of use:

  • Screening (detection of patients with hypertension)
  • Treatment control (e.g. assessment of the efficacy of prescribed drugs)
  • Monitoring

Purely oscillometric method enables reliable blood pressure measurement without a microphone. Classification of the blood pressure values according to the definition of the British Hypertension Society guidelines for hypertension management 2004 (BHS-IV).

Recorder features:

  • Recording over 24 or 48 hours
  • Easy menu guidance with two control buttons
  • Voice recording of patient data
  • Examination of adults and children thanks to a special algorithm

Software features:

  • Patient diary with automatically entered patient data
  • Integration with the SCHILLER Data Management System SEMA-200
  • E-mail transmission
  • EMR system interface (GDT)
  • PDF generation
  • Serial comparison of different recordings