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clickecgbt is an electrocardiographic signal acquisition unit capable of transmitting the ECG signal to the PC in real time via bluetooth wireless transmission.

The device simultaneously acquires the 12 standard leads from the patient at a frequency of 500 samples per second per channel with a 16 bit resolution, and transmits them in real time to the computer running dedicated CARDIOLINE® software. For a detailed description of this program see the product information sheet.

Thanks to the bluetooth connection with the PC clickecgbt does not require cables to connect to the PC and facilitates the performance of the electrocardiographic tests, allowing the patient to move freely in the area around the CARDIOLINE system.

Bluetooth technology also guarantees the best conditions for transmission to the PC and effectively cancels out possible interferences thanks to its intrinsic capacity to automatically reposition itself, time after time, on the best frequency and transmission channel.

Finally, thanks to its ergonomic design, reduced size and weight of only 100g clickecgbt guarantees comfort to the patient as well as extreme simplicity and reliability of use.