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Aaron 3250 Desiccator


  • Nine Presets Large illuminated digital displays
  • Six Output Modes:
    Cut I (300 Watts)
    Cut II (300 Watts)
    Blend (200 Watts in 9 steps)
    Coagulation (Pinpoint 120 Watts)
    Fulguration (Spray 80 Watts)
    Bipolar (80 Watts)
  • Self-test circuits
  • Audible tones
  • Discreet outputs
    (FCFS™ - First Come First Served)
  • Isolated circuitry
  • BovieNEM™
    (Neutral Electrode Monitoring)
  • Digital Error Detection

The Aaron 3250 is a 300 watt multipurpose electrosurgical generator for use in the modern operating room and surgi-center. It features both monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all of your surgical demands with safety, flexibility, reliability, and convenience.

Ten Blend Settings
You don’t have to settle for one or two blend modes anymore. With the Aaron 3250 you have ten different blend settings plus two cut modes, with up to 300 watts maximum power output for the most demanding procedures.

Two Modes of Monopolar Coagulation
It also has two modes of coagulation: Coagulation (120 watts maximum power) and Fulguration (80 watts maximum power), plus Bipolar (80 watts maximum power).

Ten Presets
Save the surgeon’s ten most common settings or settings for several different surgeons.

Digital Power Control
In addition, the Aaron 3250 delivers consistent, repeatable power into varying load impedances with BovieFDFS™ (Fast Digital Feedback System). How fast? How about 5,000 times per second, or twenty times faster than the current industry leader. This feedback can greatly reduce the need for changing the power setting to obtain the desired surgical effect.

Two Cut Modes and Ten Blend Settings
You don’t have to settle for one or two blend modes anymore. With Bovie digital technology, you can choose from two cut modes and ten different blend settings. These are clearly indicated by the LED blend indicator bar conveniently located adjacent to the blend button controls. When one LED is lit, the Aaron 3250 delivers a minimal hemeostatic effect. As the “up” button is pushed, the bar begins to illuminate. As the illumination advances from the bottom to the top, the degree of hemostasis will increase and cutting speed may decrease.

The Aaron 3250 remembers its last settings; so when you turn the unit on, it performs a safety system check and automatically powers up to the last activated settings.

For your convenience, the power output of the Aaron 3250 is calibrated in watts with large, illuminated digital displays.

Coagulation Modes
The Aaron 3250 offers two modes of coagulation: Coagulation and Fulguration. Coagulation (pinpoint) provides precise control of bleeding in localized areas. Fulguration (spray) provides greater control of bleeding in highly vascular tissues over broad surface areas.

Designed for Safety
Electrosurgical safety is a combination of good equipment design and safe surgical practices. The Aaron 3250, as part of this combination, represents state-of-the-art design using the latest digital components. Bovie incorporated automatic safety systems into the Aaron 3250 like self-test circuits, audible tones, discreet outputs, and isolated output circuitry.

BovieNEM™ means safety is digitally designed inside. The FCFS™ (first come first served) discrete output design of the Aaron 3250 enhances safety by allowing only one output to be activated at any given time. This feature assures that only the device you first activate will be an active device. Secondary commands will not override the first command. As an example: while the monopolar foot controlled output is activated, all handswitching is inactive, as well as the bipolar footswitch capability.

For additional safety, this unit has totally separate bipolar controls, discrete output, dispersive electrode fault alarms in both sensing and non-sensing modes, and is designed with an isolated RF output.

With the combination of isolated power output, its patented BovieNEM™, Bovie FCFS™ technology, and the constant digital monitoring of all functions, the Aaron 3250 is one of the safest electrosurgical systems available. The doctor’s responsibility is simply to follow safe electrosurgical practices to insure his safety and the safety of the O.R. staff and patient.

Digital Error Detection
Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for the surgeon, O.R. staff, and patient. The Aaron 3250 constantly monitors every aspect of the Aaron 3250’s output. At the sign of any problem the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code on the display.

Built to the Required Standards
The Aaron 3250 has passed the following safety standards: CSA C22.2 NO 601.1-M90, UL 2601-1-UL, IEC 60601-2-2, CENELEC EN 60601-1-2, FCC PART 15 Class A.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Output Power
    Cut I & II: 300 watts
    Blend: 200 watts 10 Steps
    Coagulation (Pinpoint): 120 watts
    Fulguration (Spray): 80 watts
    Bipolar: 80 watts
  • Line Voltage
    100-240 VAC ± 10%
  • Output Frequency
    490 kHz ± 5
  • Line Frequency
    50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions and Weight
    Width: 31.1 cm (12.3")
    Height: 15.3 cm (6.0")
    Depth: 41.3 cm (16.3")
    Weight: < 8.8 kg (< 19 lbs.)
  • Warranty
    (Unit) - 2 years

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