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The CASE 8000 is one of the first, true point-of-care clinical information systems for the exercise environment. By combining the accuracy of our premiere exercise ECG system with the information accessibility of network connectivity, the CASE 8000 offers an advanced, integrated approach to high-efficiency, high-performance stress testing.


  • Connectivity to the Catalyst™ MUSE® Cardiology Information System and the Unity Network® supports increased productivity through immediate access to complete clinical and patient information
  • Remote Viewing function allows real-time viewing of in-process exercise tests at remote locations for efficient clinical supervision
  • 15-lead sophistication delivers analysis of more localized abnormalities in an exercise ECG setting
  • 12SL™ interpretive ECG analysis may be your most clinically valuable second opinion
  • Arrhythmia detection, annotation and review provide enhanced ectopic event analysis
  • Serial presentation of exercise ECGs enables positive interpretation of clinical change
  • Reanalysis allows easy adjustment of fiducial points for more accurate ST segment measurements
  • Customizable StressChart offers a tabular summary of all test variables for clear, consistent and efficient report generation
  • Online CBT Tutorial provides consistent, intuitive training for all system users

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Technical Specifications:

  • SIGNAL PROCESSING ECG analysis frequency: 500 Hz
  • ST measurements: ST amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads
  • E, J and post-J point: Manual or computer selected
  • Local storage: Minimum 3.2 Gb hard drive storage of complete ECG record and test results
  • Display: 19" flat panel color display
  • ECG output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output
  • Full disclosure ECG: Beat-to-beat ECG record and event review
  • ECG interpretation: (Optional) 12SL7trade; adult and pediatric ECG analysis program
  • Sampling rate: Over-sampling @ 4000 Hz, 12 leads
  • Monitored leads: 3, 6 or 12
  • Displayed leads: Number on screen 3 or 6 (12 lead check)
  • Display format: 3 rhythm, 3 rhythm + medians, 3 rhythm + trends, 6 rhythm, 4 X 2.5 + 1 rhythm, 2 x 6 Display speeds: 25, 50 mm/s
  • Displayed data: ST scan/median complexes, arrhythmias, ventricular ectopic/min counter, 3 to 15 waveforms, lead check torso and 12 leads, waterfall display, trends, tabular summary, stored ECG strips, interpretation, time-of-day clock, patient name, warning messages and prompts
  • Writer technology: "Instant" load, thermal dot array
  • Writer speeds: 5, 12.5, 25 and 50 mm/sec (+/- 2%)
  • Frequency response: -3 dB, display and writer
  • High pass filter: 0.01 (or 0.05 Hz, special use) with DC offset control
  • Low pass filter: 20, 40, 100, 150 Hz (selectable)
  • Line filter: 50.0 or 60.0 Hz notch filter (selectable)
  • Power supply: AC operation only
  • Operating voltage range: 90-135 VAC, 45-63 Hz, 2.8 A /180-270 VAC, 45-63 Hz, 1.4 A
  • Temperature: +10 to +40°C (+50 to 104°F)
  • Writer resolution: Horizontal 1000 lines/sec x 200 dpi dedicated local printing. 200 x 200 dpi generic printing
  • Paper type: Thermal, perforated, fan fold, 300 sheets/pack
  • Height: 160 cm(63 in) with 17" monitor installed
  • Width: 76 cm(30 in) with paper tray removed, 104 cm (41 in) with paper tray
  • Depth: 86.5 cm (34 in)
  • Weight: 68 kg (150 lb) without monitor, 86 kg (190 ob) with 17" monitor

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