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DC-6 Expert Ultrasound System

The performance you can rely on from Mindray-a premium, professional, efficient, ergonomic ultrasound system.

Today's diagnostic challenges ask for excellent balance between uncompromised diagnostic performance and good affordability.

Mindray offers you the premium color Doppler DC-6 Expert which brings you unexpected productivity and accuracy based on its optimized image processing technologies and packages of clinical solutions. The DC-6 Expert enhances the interactive process connecting sonographers, patients, transducers and instrument. The more ergonomic design makes a further step to deliver much more efficiency and comfort.

Reliable Clinical Performance

The DC-6 Expert offers excellent performance and versatility for a wide range of clinical applications, bringing you more confidence for any diagnosis than ever before.

Streamlined Intelligent Work Flow

Dedicating to the development of intelligent ultrasound platform, DC-6 Expert provides you the most efficient and streamlined work flow.

Outstanding Ergonomic Design

DC-6 Expert delivers optimal ergonomic design for ultrasound solutions. From intelligent image processing to the omnidirection TFT monitor, DC-6 Expert is designed to provide as much comfort as you can imagine during scanninng.

The professional clinical application you need for confident diagnosis

DC-6 Expert guarantees excellent performance through robust ultrasound imaging capabilities. The system benefits from Mindray's self-owned technologies which expand it to much more full-featured applications with surprisingly powerful and easy-to-use functions. DC-6 Expert is created for professional diagnosis in an extraordinary convenient way.

The intelligent work flow offers efficiency and satisfaction in work

DC-6 Expert is designed to offer more ergonomic benefits. With a user-friendly interface, DC-6 Expert integrates many image optimization solutions, simplifying exam procedure, reducing repetitive adjustment for greatly increased efficiency and diagnostic confidence. DC-6 Expert is engineered to offer iTouch for the automatic image optimization and IP which can be preset by users for groups of image adjusting parameters.

The optimal ergonomic ultrasound solutions take away all your pressure and suffer from daily scanning

DC-6 Expert is designed with plenty of ergonomic innovations. With an onmidirectional arm suitable for any viewing position, the high resolution and wide angle TFT monitor equipped on medical imaging systems can produce greatest scanning comfort.

The Mindray DC-6 Expert comes with a 2 year warranty

There are no specifications for this DC-6 Expert Ultrasound System yet.

Call our Toll Free No. 1-888-EKG2YOU for more information.

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