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Elite Vue Otoscope set, LED, 3.5 V, with C-handle for 1 rechargeable Li-ion battery


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The EliteVue otoscope is setting the standards.

The EliteVue features twice the field of view and 66% higher magnification compared to standard otoscopes.*

The EliteVue offers a significantly improved view of the auditory canal and tympanic membrane, enabling more efficient diagnosis and enhanced patient outcomes. Suitable for throat illumination.

  • High-performance LED illumination (4,000 Kelvin, CRI = 92)
  • More than 5-fold magnification
  • Twice the field of view
  • Complete view of the tympanic membrane
  • Reflection-optimized high performance glass optics
  • Wheel to adjust focal depth
  • Easy to operate SpecEjec specula ejection device at the rear side of the otoscope to avoid contamination
  • Suitable for pneumatic otoscopy (supplied without ball)
  • A wide range of power supply options: as part of a diagnostic station, battery operated or with a rechargeable handle

EliteVue is compatible with ri-scope L handles and power sources as wall as the ri-former diagnostic station.

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There are no specifications for this Elite Vue Otoscope set, LED, 3.5 V, with C-handle for 1 rechargeable Li-ion battery yet.

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