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GT-1200 Fetal Monitor (NST Monitor)


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The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor is an amazing Fetal Monitor designed to check your patients’ fetal health. The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor is perfect for clinics or midwives who want to monitor several patients at a time. You can store information on up to 150 patients at once. The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor can be used either notebook style or wall mounted, making it adapt to your needs.

It features a seven inch wide TFT color LCD display, fetal heart sound play and record, and a rotating screen. The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor also supports multiple languages, has a built-in quick-guide (LCD type only), a waterproof probe and is GE/Philips paper compatible.

Standard Accessories include two ultrasound Doppler probes and holders, an event marker jack, power adapter and cord, three probe belts, a UC probe, two packs of printer paper, one bottle of ultrasound gel, and an operations manual.

The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor also has Doppler sound, Information sound, and an alarm sound.

The optional PC-Interface (Central monitoring system) allows you to remotely control up to eight monitors, fetal heart sound record and play, unlimited multi-language support, wire (RS-232C) and wireless (Bluetooth) connection, network systems by LAN connection and remote real-time picking-up fetal heart sound.

The GT-1200 Fetal Monitor comes with a 2 year warranty (accessories excluded) and would be a great addition to any clinic!


  • Configured For Twins Monitoring With Two FHR Probes
  • 7″ wide color LCD display
  • Up to 150 patients data saving
  • Fetal heart sound play and record in PC
  • Rotating screen
  • Multiple language support
  • Various installation method
  • Waterproof probe
  • GE/Philips Paper Compatible

Technical Specifications:

  • Dual Pulsed Doppler
  • Ultrasound Frequency: 0.985MHz
  • Intensity: 10mW/cm2 or less
  • FHR Range: 30~240bpm FHR
  • Accuracy: ±2% of Range
  • Auto-detection of Dual Fetal Movement
  • External Type
  • Frequency Response:DC~0.5HZ
  • Reference(Zero) Control
  • Measurement Range: 0~99 units


  • Thermal Array Type
  • Print Speed: 1,2,3, cm/min, high speed
  • Auto print: Off,10,20,30,40,50,60 min
  • Paper Feeding Function


  • 3 Channels (FHR I, FHR II, UC)
  • 7″ Wide LCD


  • Mark Function
  • FHR II Offset Function
  • Auto Print function
  • Fetal movement print function


  • 80mm (H) X 330mm (L) X 280mm (D)

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