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GT-4500 Hand Held Bladder Scanner


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GT-4500 Hand Held Bladder Scanner

  • High Accuracy: 8-10% deviation–Patented Calculus Methodology and 3D scanning with 12 images sections
  • No calibration required—Game changer for the industry
  • Two scan modes available: Ultrasound mode and Easy mode
  • Ease of Use—LCD Touch screen, increase the clinical efficiency
  • Distinct patient styles provided for men, women and children

Product Features:

  • Measures bladder volume and post void residual (PVR) non-invasively on a wide range of patients
  • Helps assess urinary retention and post-operative urinary retention (POUR)
  • Helps prevent unnecessary catheterization, which eliminates unnecessary trauma to patients
  • Helps reduce rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI)
  • Helps evaluate need to catheterize during intermittent catheterization
  • Improves efficiency of health care professionals by reducing costs and saving staff time
There are no specifications for this GT-4500 Hand Held Bladder Scanner yet.

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Reimbursement Codes

GT-4500 Reimbursement Guide 
CPT Code Description Amount 
51798 Measurement of post-voiding residual urine and/or bladder capacity by ultrasound; non-imaging $37.02
76856 Ultrasound Pelvic (nonobsteric), real time image documentation; complete $158.76
76857 Ultrasound, pelvic (nonobstetric), real time with image documentation; limited or follow-up (ie, for follicles) $99.74
76775 Echography, retroperitoneal (eg renal, aorta, nodes); Bscan and/or real time with image documentation; limited $141.81

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