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Holter Recorder MT-101/3


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The MICROVIT MT-101 is designed for 2- or 3-channel ECG recordings, depending on the ECG cable you use (4 or 6 leads). The MT-101/200/210 system operates in standalone mode as well as integrated into the CS-200, AT-110 and AT-104 PC.

Recorder Features:

  • Up to $170 Reimbursement per test with this machine
  • This machine pays for itself after 25 tests
  • Backlit graphical LCD and multilingual menu control
  • Memory: Storage on SD card
  • Galvanically isolated and defibrillation protected ECG
  • USB interface
  • Recording capacity: Up to max. 72 hours
  • Data transmission: alternatively the SD Card can be simply taken out of the MT-101 (the SCHILLER Holter device) and the data can be transmitted with an external card reader or internal card reader of your PC/Laptop.
  • Automatic Color-Coded Arrhythmia Events
  • Why pay more for functionality that you don't need?
  • 12 Months recorder warranty
  • 2 year extended warranty available for $ 199
  • Extended warranty plans available including free loaners and our exclusive Rapid Response Service


  • 3-channel solid state recorder
  • 6-lead patient cable
  • Reusable carrying pouch and hook-up kit
There are no specifications for this Holter Recorder MT-101/3 yet.

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