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LIFEPAK 9 Defibrillator Monitor (Refurbished)


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The Physio Control LifePak 9 defibrillator/monitor was designed to meet the needs of clinical, biomedical engineering, and purchasing professionals throughout the world. The LifePak Defibrillator has an EASY 1-2-3 operation with built-in noninvasive user-friendly display, plus its compact, portable, space-saving design, revolutionized in-hospital defibrillation.

Innovative features include high and low energy select displays, annotating recorder that prints out time, date, leads, gain, and CODE SUMMARY critical event record, which recaps critical events from the moment of "power on."


  • ECG Lead Selections: Std, Paddles, I, II, III
  • Monitor Display Size: 102mm (4 in) wide x 76mm (3 in) tall, non-fade
  • Heart Rate Meter: 3 digit readout displays rates from 20 to 300 bpm
  • Defibrillator Waveform: 5 millisecond monophasic pulse (Edmark)
  • Paper Size: 50mm wide x 30m (100 ft)
  • AC Input Options: 120 or 240 Vac nominal line voltage without adjustment. 50 or 60Hz
  • AC power adapter sold separately
There are no specifications for this LIFEPAK 9 Defibrillator Monitor (Refurbished) yet.

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