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MAC 800 3 Channel Resting EKG System (Demo)


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If you believe connectivity and accurate ECG analysis are keys to improving patient care, then the MAC 800 Resting ECG System is the system for you!

The MAC 800 Resting ECG System delivers an EMR-ready solution with reliable ECG information through its clinically-proven Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Programs. It enables healthcare providers to connect the hearts of patients to the minds of physicians with accurate and reliable ECG information for faster, more confident diagnosis.

The MAC 800 system provides you with the ability to store, analyze and send ECG data in a variety of ways. So you always have access to clinical data anytime, anywhere.

Other features and benefits of the Mac 800 include but limited to are:

  • Marquette ECG Analysis Programs enhance your diagnostic confidence because it is highly accurate and clinically proven
  • Easy-to-use keypad
  • multiple communication options
  • Immediate remote reviews or over-read of patient ECG data helps your streamline your ECG workflow
  • Seamless connectivity to MUSE and CardioSoft
  • Large, high-resolution color TFT screen
  • Store, edit and archive ECG records through MUSE and CS Information Management Systems
  • Faster data transmission

*Limited stock on hand*

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