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Versalab Doppler APM

Nicolet Vascular VersaLab Doppler


  • Value-packed
  • Easy to set-up and simple to operate
  • Lightweight, battery or line operated for optimal portability
  • Built-in printer for reimbursement documentation
  • Sensitive Doppler probes and uterine activity indicator for the most accurate results possible
  • Configurable alarms for more personalized testing
  • Separate patient and clinician event markers for easier interpretation
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • Increased versatility with adjustable tilt-stand for wall mounting or desktop use
  • Designed for durability and long life
  • Simple to use, lightweight and loaded with features, the VersaLab APM is an economical solution for all your antepartum monitoring needs

The Nicolet VersaLab APM is a portable, economical antepartum monitor (APM) for performing non-stress tests. It is the smallest and lightest APM available that features a built-in printer. The system provides the ultimate in portability and convenience.

Truly Portable
The VersaLabAPM is the only compact antepartum monitors with a built-in printer. Each system weighs less than 2 kg (4.1 pounds) and can be battery or line operated for portability and convenience. It is easily moved between exam rooms, satel l i te clinics, or taken to remote settings, which makes it ideal for clinicians who do in-home monitoring. Now with battery operation there is no need to interrupt monitoring if you have to move the patient.

Integrated Printer
The integrated printer in the VersaLab APM provides an immediate, real time printout of the non-stress test so there is no waiting for results. Unlike other portable systems that require connection to a separate printer, there is no reason to delay interpretation with VersaLab's built-in documentation.

Documentation for Reimbursement
The VersaLab APM provides on-the-spot documentation of the non-stress test. Additionally, both systems print the date, start time, end time and time elapsed for the exam. The printout also includes simple notation areas for the patient name, patient number, examiner name and notes. If alarm limits have been turned on, the High and LowAlarm settings will show on the printout as well as indicate when an alarm has been triggered. Both the mother and the clinician can utilize individual event markers, which appear separately on the printout. This comprehensive documentation is clear, easy to interpret, aids in reimbursement, allows for placement in the patient's chart and makes follow-up tests easier to compare.

Numeric or Graphic Display - Your Choice
You can choose whether the display screen on the VersaLab APM shows the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) and Toco readouts as large numbers or as a graph trended over time. Choose whichever display you prefer because the printout will always show the test information in a simple to review graphic format.

Very Affordable
The VersaLab APM is designed for use in an obstetrician's office, antepartum clinic or in-home monitoring. We kept your needs in mind and made the systems portable and easy to use. But most importantly, we designed them to be affordable.

Reliability and Customer Satisfaction
Nicolet Vascular, a division of VIASYS Healthcare, is a leading manufacturer of hand-held Doppler systems. The new VersaLab follows in the Nicolet Vascular tradition of technological innovation and superior customer service. Both models are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facility and covered by a one-year parts and one-year labor warranty. Like all of our products, VersaLab is backed by our Total Customer Satisfaction Pledge: At Nicolet Vascular, we're not satisfied until you are.

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