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Neoventa STAN S31 Fetal Monitor

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Internal FHR and Fetal ECG recording

Internal FHR signal and the fetal ECG are recorded using a high quality Fetal Scalp Electrode - Goldtrace. Both FHR and fetal ECG are extracted from the same signal source. The fetal ECG signal is used to automatically perform the ST Analysis.

External FHR recording

External FHR is recorded with an ultrasound transducer. Dual ultrasound channels with different transducer frequencies enable the non-invasive monitoring of twins. A +20 bpm offset option separates overlapping FHR for easier interpretation.

Uterine activity recording

Uterine activity can be recorded externally with a TOCO or internally using adapters for intrauterine pressure transducers.

Automatic Event detection

Through the ST Analysis function, the STAN automatically detects changes over time in the ST interval. Any significant changes are shown as "ST Event" flags in the trace on the main screen and in the Event log. The monitor also generates events for signal quality and other system issues.

Data storage

Patient recordings are stored in a digital format on an internal disk which has space for more than six hundred hours of recording. USB storage devices can be used to transfer data to the final archiving media.

STAN Software

STAN utilizes powerful, integrated software that enables the user to customize their settings. As new features and options are developed over time, the STAN software was designed to be easily upgraded ensuring that the latest tools are always available.

Fetal Monitor Brand

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