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Pelton Crane Delta XL10 Automatic Autoclave


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Your success relies on the dependable operation of key components within your operatory. Your sterilizer is one of the components. Pelton & Crane has put the new Delta XL through rigorous testing to ensure the best, most reliable operation available. With approval for handpiece sterilization and user notification if sterilization is interrupted, you'll feel safe in knowing that you can depend on successful competition every cycle. Excellence in engineering, along with our six month replacement guarantee and three year warranty make the Delta XL a superior choice for your peace of mind.

The Delta XL series has been put through extensive testing to make sure that the most reliable operation is occurring. This unit offers notification of sterilization interruption. You can have confidence that every cycle will be completed. This unit has bright modern graphics making the display easy to read. This unit has a closed door filtered air drying system that ensures that wet packs and pouches dry correctly without the sterility of the instruments being contaminated from the air. An electronic temperature and time control continually and systematically monitor the sterilization conditions to make sure of cycle completion. This unit is very safe. The door lock on the XL Series can't be opened until the internal pressure is at atmospheric pressure. The vent and safety valves automatically open if chamber pressure reaches an unsafe level. A surface sensor also monitors the chamber temperature to protect against overheating. The efficiency of this unit is exceptional. A single custom and four automatic preprogrammed sterilization settings allow for the selection of the correct cycle according to the type of load. An automatic chamber preheat maximizes the units productivity by shortening cycle times.

Autoclave Brands

Autoclave Chamber Size


Autoclave Mode


  • Available in 8″ or 10″ chamber sizes.
  • One custom and four automatic pre- programmed sterilization settings allow you to select the appropriate cycle according to type of load.
  • Variable timed drying cycle saves time by giving operator the flexibility to set drying time according to load size.
  • Automatic chamber preheat maximizes productivity by shortening cycle times.
  • Filtered air drying ensures wet packs and pouches will dry without compromising the sterility of instruments by airborne contaminants.
  • Electronic temperature and time control systematically monitor sterilization conditions in chamber to ensure cycle completion.
  • Digital function display allows easy and accurate monitoring of sterilization cycle.
  • New, bright graphics ensure that display is easy to read.
  • Optional time/ temperature recorder for office documentation.
  • Designed and built to ASME specifications.
  • Six month replacement/ three year limited parts warranty.