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Living an active lifestyle can positively impact your life in a variety of ways. According to reports from the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee, regular physical activity is associated with reduced risk of conditions such as: stroke, hypertension, coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, depression, and many types of cancer.

When considering investing in a new medical device, price is not the only factor you should take into consideration. Government reimbursement on healthcare products/services can often be overlooked because it is a long, technical process that involves many steps.

An EKG, also known as an ECG or Electrocardiogram, is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart through electrode patches attached to your arms, chest, and legs. EKG results can be abnormal for many different reasons -- some more serious than others.

24-hour blood pressure monitors provide physicians with essential information for optimizing antihypertensive therapy. In particular, it increases the likelihood of identifying ‘white coat’ and/or ‘masked’ hypertension. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) have been the cornerstone of indicating hypertension and is more accurate than clinical and home monitoring in diagnosing hypertension. “The weight of evidence suggests ABPM is the best prognostic indicator, followed by home then clinic monitoring.” according to a 2011 study. This wave has shifted in recent years toward central blood pressure monitoring to be the most accurate.

Purchasing an EKG/ECG system can be a significant investment, especially for centers that are smaller or new. Maybe your present ECG machine is close to the end of its life cycle. In the case that your workplace, hospital or clinic is expanding, you’ll have the desire to acquire additional machines.

As an owner of CardiacDirect, I have witnessed a substantial shift in the EKG market, specifically over the last 10 years. Machine prices have fallen dramatically following the same trend as ECG insurance reimbursements.

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Educate yourself on the basics of heart disease and of heart-healthy eating. You owe it to yourself to be well-informed when it comes to your cardiovascular system.