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SKU: E8300-EI1-C
A resting 12-lead ECG for physician offices - it has the accuracy and connectivity you need. 
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SKU: GT-3000Demo
8.9 inches color touch-screen, hand writing support, alphanumeric keyboard, R-R interval analysis for adult and children. 
$ 1,195.00
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SKU: P1-Demo
The Medisono P1Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System, is a high-resolution linear/convex scanning diagnostic apparatus. 
$ 3,475.00
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SKU: GT-1000-D
The CardioTech™ GT-1000 is a convenient, portable low cost TWINS fetal monitor. 
$ 950.00
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Demo Model, Full page, full keyboard, preview screen, with interpretation software built in. 
$ 2,895.00
$ 1,195.00
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SKU: ar600viewbt
AR600viewbt is an electrocardiograph with a dual power supply system through mains or internal rechargeable battery pack. 
$ 1,395.00
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SKU: ar2100viewbt-D
Ar2100view combines optimised performance in multi-channel ECG recording. 
$ 1,750.00
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SKU: microtel-D
Cardioline Microtel is a 7-12 lead ECG acquirer fitted with a display and keyboard. 
$ 900.00
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SKU: ECG-3030-D
5.7 inch high brightness LCD, 112mm wide recording, effectively prevent waveforms overlapped. 
$ 750.00
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SKU: V8Demo
Designed as a full modular monitor, elite V8 dedicates to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions especially for critical divisions. 
$ 1,995.00
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SKU: 6006E-04001-08
Includes Thermal Recorder and Built-in Lithium Ion Battery 
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SKU: iPM-12-D
The iPM series has been designed to meet the requirements of various hospital environments. 
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SKU: V53-1DG-D
The Burdick Vision 5L Digital Holter Recorder provide high-quality 5- or 7-lead, 3-channel Holter recordings with an ECG signal preview screen. 
$ 3,995.00
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