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Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Non-Stop pin aneroid gauge with acrylic dial face cover; 43.2mm diameter
  • No-pin-stop manometer with easy to calibrate feature
  • Comes with attached stethoscope and D-ring cuff
  • Nylon cuff for superior durability and appearance
  • Latex bladder with two tubes
  • Latex inflation bulb with air release valve and end valve
  • Equipped with adult size cuff
  • Arrow indicator on cuff ensures proper cuff placement
  • Professional accuracy
  • Calibration screwdriver included
  • Zippered nylon storage case included
  • Includes trilingual instruction manual

The LifeSource UA-100 Aneroid Blood Pressure Kits provide customers and professionals with quality health monitoring products that you can expect from A&D Medical. These aneroid blood pressure kits can assist in the management of hypertension, improve patient compliance to treatment of high blood pressure, and be used as a tool in a preventative health management program.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Pressurization: Manual
  • Deflation: Manual
  • Display Dial Range: 20mmHg to 300mmHg
  • Resolution: 2 mmHg
  • Accuracy: Pressure: +/-3 mmHg or 2% whichever is greater.
  • Type: Auscultatory
  • Weight: 15.2oz./407g

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