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Walk400h is a latest-generation holter recorder able to acquire and memorise from 3 to 12 ECG channels, compatible with the holter reader software CARDIOLINE®, for details of which see the relevant documentation.

Walk400h is a micro-computer with highly evolved PC connectivity and extensive capacity to memorise and handle holter tests.

The features which distinguish walk400h are:

  • Large, colour, LCD graphic display visualises up to six ECG signal charts at the same time;
  • Intuitive, basic user interface uses guided procedures to enable the operator to complete the test easily and rapidly;
  • Wireless PC connection using bluetooth technology or, alternatively, via USB cable;
  • Built-in voice recorder to memorise vocal messages during the test (event-marker function) and/or to insert patient details when preparing the test;
  • Incorporated movement sensor to record the motor activity of the patient;
  • Extensive data memorisation, capacity to handle tests lasting from one to seven days;
  • Single, 5-position joystick to rapidly scroll the device menu;
  • Limited size and weight for increased patient comfort;
  • Functions with a single AA battery.

The beat-beat acquisition of each ECG channel is performed at a minimum frequency of 250 samples per second per channel. For special analytic tests a higher sampling frequency may be chosen. All the ECG channels are recorded without interrupting the beat-beat acquisition of the signal and without any sort of signal compression.

The recorder contains a flash memory of one GB thanks to which holter charts lasting a total of one week can be memorised.

There are no specifications for this Walk400h Holter Recorder yet.

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