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GE B105M Patient Monitor


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The GE Healthcare B105M Patient Monitor delivers premium clinical performance across care areas with a 12-inch touch screen display and intuitive design . Additionally, the B105M delivers premium clinical performance across care areas and can easily scale up to three advanced parameters simultaneously.

This patient monitor comes equipped with a large capacitive touch screen, 12 wave form display, multiple screen layout options and preconfigured modes for an intuitive user experience. Furthermore, the B105M offers quick remote diagnosis and servicing capabilities for dependable performance. With clinical precision and a scalable platform, the GE Healthcare B105M Patient Monitor provides exceptional value.

Patient Monitor Brand

Patient Monitor Condition


GE TruSignal SPO2, Printer, Temp, & ECG, Nellcor OxiMaxT SPO2, Printer, Temp & ECG, Masimo SET SPO2, Printer, Temp & ECG, GE TruSignal SPO2, Printer, Temp, ECG & LAN, Nellcor OxiMaxT SPO2, Printer, Temp, ECG & LAN, Masimo SET SPO2, Printer, Temp, ECG & LAN


Clinical precision

The B1X5M patient monitors provide you with GE Healthcare’s advanced technologies such as:

  • DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT™ NIBP delivers proven NIBP technology, utilizing GE-patented “smart cuff” pressure control to improve measurement time, patient comfort, and artifact rejection, all while retaining the classic DINAMAP accuracy.
  • TruSignal™ SpO2 gives you the ability to reject motion artifacts and detection even at low perfusion.
  • EK-Pro arrhythmia algorithm provides simultaneous four-lead analysis that helps optimize the detection and analysis of arrhythmias, helping ensure no cardiac event goes unnoticed. The algorithm helps distinguish noise and artifacts from true beats, reduces false alarms, and enables uninterrupted ECG monitoring even in the event of a single electrode failure.
  • Entropy™ measurement is indicates the level of awareness and possible emergence from anesthesia
  • Neuromuscular transmission helps to optimize recovery from anesthesia


Intuitive design

The B1X5M patient monitors’ simple and intuitive workflow allows users to quickly visualize relevant case information on a single screen.

  • Large numeric and 12 waveform display
  • Multiple screen layout options and preconfigured modes
  • Customized alarm management
  • Analysis of parameter trends with 72 hours of full-disclosure data
  • Enhanced intuitive interface with its responsive capacitive touch screen
  • Simplified e-manual and smart-help for fast setup and troubleshooting


Dependable technology

The patient monitors are tough for demanding duty and secure for a cyber world. They have been tested for dependable performance, backed by remote support.

  • Follow the FDA Draft Guidance for cybersecurity in medical devices
  • Quick remote diagnosis and servicing capabilities
  • Built-in ECG filter for enhanced signal performance
  • Tested as per EMC 4th Edition standard to handle external signal interference
  • Convenient screen lock to facilitate intra-hospital transport
  • Continuous monitoring almost anywhere — fast roaming on Wi-Fi, and reduced signal drop-offs


Scalable platform

Built to perform, the B1x5M range of modular monitors can be deployed seamlessly across a variety of care settings and patients. The available modules are shareable across CARESCAPE™ modular monitors.

  • Tailored departmental workflows
  • Flexible mounting solutions
  • Flexibility to include an optional thermal printer, additional screen, and HDMI port
  • Open architecture to accept future innovations
  • EK-Pro ECG 4-Lead Simultaneous Arrhythmia Analysis
  • DINAMAP SuperSTAT non0invasive blood pressure measurement
  • Choice of SpO2 technologies: GE TruSignal™, Masimo SET® or Nellcor™ OxiMax
  • GE EtCO2 sidestream measurement, anesthetic agents and cardiac output
  • Entropy™ monitoring* for monitoring the state of the brain
  • NMT for neuromuscular transmission blockade and reversal monitoring
  • Connectivity to GE CARESCAPE™ networks
  • Flexibility to share parameter modules and accessories with CARESCAPE monitors
  • 12 waveforms to view all required parameter waveforms simultaneously
  • Bed to Bed communication and Automatic view on alarm (AVOA) to review remote patient monitoring data
  • Roving functionality for seamless transition of the monitor from one bedside to another within the CARESCAPE Network
  • InSite™ Remote Service platform for remote troubleshooting
  • National Early Warning Score (NEWS) for timely intervention
  • Follows FDA draft guidance for cyber security in medical devices
  • An ECG filter delivers enhanced signal performance in noisy areas
  • With High Capacity battery: >4 hrs
  • Tested with the EMC 4th Edition standard
  • Water resistant with IP22 standards
Patient Monitor Essentials

Up to 12 Waveforms

Touch Screen Display

Long Lasting Battery (>4hrs)

Water Resistant with IP22 Standards

Commonly Asked Questions

The main difference between these patient monitors is the screen size. The B105M has a 10-inch screen, the B125M has a 12-inch screen and the B155M has a 15-inch screen.

The B105M, B125M and B155M allow for flexible mounting solutions, the ability to add a thermal printer, additional screen, and includes an HDMI port.