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GE CASE Premium ECG System


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The GE CASE Premium ECG System is a stand-alone, highly scalable exercise testing solution that helps physicians quickly and easily access cardiac function during exercise. This stress ecg system is equipped with exclusive ergonomic features such as a backlit keyboard and well-lit printing surface for effortless and confident operation in rooms darkened for stress echo tests. A centrally mounted, full-size monitor swivels for comfortable viewing. The Windows XP-based interface is familiar and minimizes the learning curve, while a flexible interface accommodates multiple custom set-ups.

With the GE CASE Exercise Testing System, clinicians can easily acquire, analyze, store, and transport resting ECG, exercise stress tests, ambulatory blood pressure and spirometry measurements using one system. The CASE's streamlined workflow and digital connectivity help speed patient care and increase staff productivity. The CASE features an adjustable monitor for comfort and productivity, open system architecture, advanced security and compliance, and technical support services you can count on.

Connect your CASE System to a local area network (LAN), and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review, edit, and print data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your stress lab.


The GE CASE Premium ECG System includes:

  • #2062898-001: CASE v6.7.
  • #2062898-826: CASE Windows 10 Premium PKG With Display (RESB, RESM, ERG2, PRVT, ARRY, ERG3, ECGH, THWR, ITRD, ITBL, DSPC, EGMO, NETS, NET2, NET3, EPDF, EXPD, EWRD, BRWS, ERGM, 2DWF, RISK, STHY).
  • #2062898-740: Patient EKG Acquisition Module - AHA.
  • #2062898-490: CASE v6.7 Language Set, ENG US (Win 8).
  • #2026714-078: CASE v6.7 Power Cord, North American.
  • #2062898-068: EMR - Centricity Practice Solution (XEMR).
Stress Machine Brand


CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ 12SL (RESI), CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ Stress Interpretation (EXTI), CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ 12SL, Stress Interpretation & XEMR, CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ DICOM, CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ 12SL & DICOM, CASE v6.73 – Premium w/ 12SL, Stress Interp & DICOM


  • Analysis Programs: Exercise Test Interpretation (XTI), ST/HR hysteresis analysis, full-disclosure date, risk-predicting algorithms, Finite Residual Filtering (FRF), and more.
  • Connectivity: Streamlined workflow and a smooth flow of information help speed patient care, increase staff productivity, and improve your business results.
  • Networking: Whether you need one CASE System or a dozen, this highly scalable solution can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any facility.


  • 12SL (#2062898-001-580917):
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
  • EXTI (#2062898-001-580938):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
  • 12SL, EXTI (#2062898-001-580890):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
  • 12SL, EXTI, DICOM (#2062898-001-580911):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
    • #2062898-034: DICOM Option and Conformance Statement.


  • ECG Analysis Frequency: 500 Hz.
  • ST Measurements: ST amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads.
  • E, J, and Post-J Point: Manual or computer selected.
  • Signal Processing Technique: Incremental updating to minimize artifact in all leads.
  • Baseline Correction: Cubic Spline or Finite Residual Filter algorithm.
  • QRS Detection/Analysis: Based on automatic or manual lead selection.
  • ECG Output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output.
  • Heart Rate: Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation, and annotation.
  • Full Disclosure ECG: Beat-to-beat ECG record and event review.
  • Reanalysis: Post-test medians remeasurement from E, J, post-J point selections.
  • In-Test Reports:
    • 12SL: Interpretive resting ECG with analytical statements on morphology, rhythm, and conduction. Measurements of rate, intervals, and axes. Available before the test, in pretest and recovery. Formats include: 4 x 2.5; 4 x 2.5 + 1, 2 x 5; H2 (5 s ECG at a speed of 50 mm/s x 6) and H1 (6-lead ECG at 12.5 mm/s, Medians at 50 mm/s).
    • 3, 6, 12, or 15-Lead Report: Presents raw ECG data in various formats: 4 x 2.5 s ECG; 4 x 2.5 + 1 (2.5 seconds of raw data plus 1 continuous 10 second recording of continuous rhythm); 2.5 x 5 (5 seconds of raw data); 1 x 10 (10 seconds of raw data); H2 format (5 seconds of raw data at a speed of 50 mm/s x 6).
    • Rhythm Report: A continuous, real-time recording of raw ECG data: 3, 6, 12 leads. Leads for arrhythmia report correspond to leads on the screen (not with laser printer).
    • Arrhythmia Report: Automatic 10-second documentation of arrhythmias showing 2.5 seconds of raw data prior to ectopic beat. Leads for arrhythmia report correspond to leads on the screen.
    • Recall Report: A delayed recording of raw data 10 seconds in duration: 3, 6, 12 leads.
    • Comparative Medians Report: Baseline and current medians followed by 2.5 seconds of real-time rhythm in 12 leads. ST level and ST slope reported for each lead. Also comes in H1 Medians format of 12 medians at 50 mm/s + 6 leads (selectable) of 10-second channel of raw, real-time rhythm.
    • Linked Medians Report: 4 x 2.5 with rhythm lead. 3 channels of median beat which are linked together at the current heart rate with a fourth 10-second channel of raw, real-time rhythm.
  • Assess cardiac function conveniently during exercise
  • Innovative algorithms offer great diagnostic confidence
  • Connect your CASE system to a Local Area Network (LAN), and store patient data and test results to a central database
  • Physicians can review, edit, and print data remotely
  • Enhance your digital workflow with connectivity to EMR, MUSE Cardiology Information System, and PACS
  • Advanced security and compliance
  • Productivity tools help to speed processes, reduce data entry errors, download orders, and support efficient change capture
  • Access cardiac function conveniently during exercise
Stress EKG Machine Essentials

Review, Edit and Print Data Remotely

Advanced Security and Compliance

EMR/MUSE Cardiology Information System/PACS Connectivity

Store Patient Data and Test Results to a Central Database