GE Healthcare MAC 1200 EKG Machine


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The GE MAC 1200 12-lead ECG system with Interpretation offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, office-based practices, and clinical trials. Its advanced algorithm capabilities, seamless connectivity to the MUSE® Cardiology Information System, and easy-to-use features provide the highest level of quality and convenience users require.

The GE Mac 1200 has been discontinued from GE and replaced with the Mac2000. Used models may be purchased with limited availability.  Call 888-354-2968 for availability.




EKG Brand

EKG Configuration


EKG Print Size




  • Up to $30 Reimbursement per test with this machine
  • This machine pays for itself after 125 tests
  • Measurement and Interpretation software built-in
  • ECG storage built-in
  • 12 lead EKG with a full sized 8.5 x 11 inch paper format and alphanumeric keyboard
  • Preview screen for EKG viewing
  • LCD text display and 12SL measurements
  • AC line or battery operation from NiCad battery
  • Modular software and hardware package allows flexibility in system configuration
  • 90-day warranty covering parts and labor included with purchase
GE Healthcare Mac 1200 Key Features

Full Keyboard

GE Healthcare MAC 1200 Full Page Print


LCD Display


The GE Mac 1200 has been discontinued from GE and replaced with the Mac2000. Used models may be purchased with limited availability.  Call 888-354-2968 for availability.

The GE Healthcare MAC 1200 comes with a 3-year warranty.

Our MAC line of electrocardiographs are not only known for standing the test of time but are designed with features to maximize departmental uptime, minimize patient rescheduling, and lower replacement costs.

The GE Healthcare MAC 1200 comes fully equipped with the Marquette® ECG analysis program. GE continues advancements in ECG acquisition and analysis, giving clinicians the diagnostic accuracy they have come to rely on. In fact, the accuracy of our Marquette® ECG analysis programs are continually validated against the clinical “gold standards” currently accepted by physicians.

Marquette 12-Lead ECG Analysis – Our Marquette® 12SL™ ECG analysis program provides true, computer-interpreted analysis of adult and pediatric populations. It is the most scientifically documented 12-lead ECG algorithm and offers the greatest accuracy for a respectable second opinion.

Marquette 12SL with Gender-Specific interpretation – Applies unique criteria for evaluating the ST segment, QT segment, and T-wave of the ECG waveform, improving sensitivity to acute MIs in women and enhancing diagnostic confidence among even occasional ECG readers.

Auto-Arrhythmia Detection – Maximizes rhythm capabilities and minimizes paper consumption and overread time.