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The Best 3-Lead and 6-Lead EKG Machines of 2024


CardiacDirect offers different types EKG Machines, from varying print sizes, brands and so on. You may be wondering which models sell the most in the current market. In this article, we’ll highlight our most popular EKG Machines in 2023. 

CardioTech GT-200/201/202 ECG Machine

The CardioTech GT-200/201/202 EKG Machine is one of our best selling 6-Lead ECG offerings. The GT-200 series excels with features such as an alphanumeric keyboard, internal thermal printer, and two-step exercise test. The main differences between each configuration are found in their screen size and internal storage.

Buy the CardioTech GT-200/201/202 EKG Machine here.


CardioTech GT-175 ECG Machine

The CardioTech GT-175 EKG Machine is one of the most reliable machines for your practice.

The GT-175 offers full touch screen and one button operation for an easy user experience. With a built-in barcode scanner, external printer and USB memory drive compatibility, the CardioTech GT-175 is designed for those who value portability without compromising on efficiency. 

Buy the CardioTech GT-175 EKG Machine here.

CardioTech GT-100/150 ECG Machine

The CardioTech GT-100/150 EKG Machine is one of our most affordable yet durable 3-channel ECG units.

The GT-100/150 is equipped with a foldable LCD screen, a high-resolution thermal printer, and a membrane keyboard. With selectable report formats, easy data transport and lead-off detection, the CardioTech GT-100/150 is perfect for any work environment.

Buy the CardioTech GT-100/150 EKG Machine here.

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