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SKU: Mabis-M973
Deluxe air release valve 
$ 35.28
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SKU: 1725-147
$ 112.50
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SKU: 780
An easy-to-use instrument that includes everything needed for home blood pressure measurement 
$ 29.95
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SKU: LF1350
Exacta Metal Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Mobile model with adult size velcro cuff latex free, color black. 
$ 55.00
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SKU: WADS48-11
The DS48 Classic aneroid plugs directly into an integrated cuff, providing a convenient, robust design. 
$ 154.99
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SKU: 760X
The most popular aneroid with character cuff 
$ 29.95
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SKU: WA7670-01
Built-in cuff storage, adjustable height, 360 degree swivel for clear viewing. 
$ 154.00
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SKU: 731
The MOST compact multicuff kit system available, 3 cuff 
$ 119.99
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SKU: WA5098-23
With adult, large adult, small adult, and pediatric cuffs. 
$ 237.99
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SKU: MDF-808
The easy-to-use MDF Professional Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with attached Stethoscope 
$ 48.03
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SKU: 1261
Aneroid sphygmomanometer shock-proof, set w/o storage box and 3 velcro cuffs latex free (obese, adult, children) white scale, R1 
$ 169.00
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SKU: 790
Our most popular homecare model, the 790 combines quality construction with ease of use 
$ 33.61
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SKU: LF1478
Big ben Square Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Floor model with adult size velcro cuff latex free. 
$ 268.60
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SKU: 775
An economical pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer for todays cost conscious healthcare market 
$ 23.95
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SKU: WADS44-11
The gauge can rotate 360 degrees for easy viewing. 
$ 44.95
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SKU: 750W
A large face aneroid available in 2 configurations that offer the superb precision, styling, and dependability synonymous with the ADC name 
$ 73.00
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SKU: WA5098-30
Gear-free DuraShock design allows the DS66 to withstand a 30 inch drop and remain in calibration. 
$ 186.99
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A multicuff kit designed for the busy office, clinic, or ER 
$ 131.00
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