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1600 AED Defibrillator

1600 Defibrillator

The 1600 Defibrillator is both a semi-automatic and manual monitor/defibrillator and pacemaker.


  • Digital data/Voice recording system.
  • Standard memory card.
  • Key switch between semi-automatic and manual defibrillation modes.
  • Strip chart recorder.
  • Unit comes with multi-function cable (Pace/Defib), ECG cable and a new battery.

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Technical Specifications:

Defibrillation/Pacing Electrodes: Standard configuration allows the use of ZOLL stat*padz or PD 2200 Multi-Function Electrodes packaged in pairs. Can be used in the anterior/posterior or anterior/anterior positions. Sterile and pediatric electrodes available.

Defibrillator General

  • Waveform: Damped sinusoid.
  • Charge Time: Less than 10 seconds. Depleted battery packs will result in a longer defibrillator charge time.
  • Delivered Energy Display: CRT monitor displays delivered energy.

Semi-Automatic Defibrillator Defibrillation

  • Advisory: Evaluates electrode connection and patient ECG to determine if defibrillation is required.
  • Shockable Rhythms: Ventricular fibrillation with amplitude>150iV and wide QRS complex ventricular tachycardia with rates greater than 150 bpm.
  • Output Energy Delivered: Automatic, preset shock 1, 2, 3 energy levels *user configurable. Selectable at 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 360 joules.
  • Event Mark Keys: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Voice Prompts: "Stand Clear" "Press Shock" "No Shock Advised/Check Pulse" "Analysis Halted" "Check Patient/Press Analyze" "Check Electrodes" "Memory Card Full" "Check Memory Card"
  • Visual Prompts:
    Analyze Analyzing ECG
    Shock Advised
    Joules Selected
    Press Shock
    Number of Shocks Delivered
    No Shock Advised
    Noisy ECG
    Check Patient

Manual Defibrillator

  • Manual Defibrillator Access: Keyswitch *Removable or permanent, user configurable.
  • Output Energy Delivered: Selectable at 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 360 joules.
  • Energy Selection: Control on front panel.
  • Charge Control: Control on front panel.
  • Synchronized Mode: Synchronizes defibrillator pulse to patient's R-wave. "SYNC" message displayed on monitor. Marker on monitor and on recorder paper identifies R-wave.
  • Smart Alarms: Beeper/voice prompts indicate ventricular fibrillation with amplitude>150iV and wide QRS complex ventricular tachycardia with rates greater than 150 bpm. On/Off *user configurable.
  • Voice Prompts: On/Off *user configurable.
  • Audio Recording: On/Off *user configurable.
There are no reimbursement code for this 1600 AED Defibrillator yet.

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