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P1 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System with Linear Probe


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The Medisono P1 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System, is a high-resolution linear/convex scanning diagnostic apparatus. The Medisono P1 is one of the only Ultrasound machines in its class to be made in the USA! Great image quality and an even better price. Perfect for all black and white applicatons. Commonly used for needle guided injections (MSK), Veterinary use, OB/GYN, and more. The Medisono P1 Ultrasound weighs in at just over 20lbs and its physical dimensions are 14 x 11 x 12. The built on ergonomic handle makes it very easy to transport.

Medisono P1 Ultrasound Features:

Applied Technologies

  • Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI)
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • Digital Beam-Forming (DBF)
  • Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF)
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture (RDA)
  • Dynamic Frequency Scanning (DFS)
  • Dynamic Apodization

B-mode generic measurement and calculation

  • Distance
  • Circumference
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Ratio
  • % stenosis
  • Angle

M-mode generic measurement and calculation

  • Time
  • Slope
  • Heart Rate

File Management

  • It supports local disk and removable disk storage.
  • USB 1.1 interface enables fast image uploading to your computer in the real time mode.
  • It has 56 MB storage capacity.


The folding keyboard designed with trackball is easy and convenient for various types of operation. In addition 10" non-interlaced progressive display and Diverse Probes are adopted to provide a clear and stable image.

"Based on availability."

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