Edan Acclarix AX3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System


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The Edan Acclarix AX3 Compact Ultrasound System helps healthcare professionals in providing a high-quality point-of-care ultrasound imaging for their patients. With its compact design and easy to use functions, the device is designed to make day-to-day ultrasound imaging fast, efficient, and reliable.

The AX3 Ultrasound System is an ultra-light and compact device, weighing only 4.5kg, and provides a stunning user experience. Additionally, the AX3 features a 15.6-inch high resolution LCD monitor and can be opened up to 180-degrees. This ultrasound system also comes with a 10.1 sensitive touch screen for an easy navigation, and the built-in dual-batteries provide working time of 2 hours. Furthermore, the AX3 Ultrasound System has a 12GB Internal drive, high-capacity storage, USB Port, and can be connected to Wi-Fi.

With its innovative technology, the AX3 Ultrasound System can provide different modes of ultrasound image display, as well as trace and measure pulse wave automatically to give accurate and high quality results in imaging.

Ultrasound Brand

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Distinctive Design

  • Unique dual-battery design empowering ultra-long workloads for >2hours
  • Splitting booting time within 30 seconds
  • 15.6″ LCD medical monitor with high resolution and 180-degree flip angle
  • 10.1-inch sensitive touch screen releasing efficient operation at fingertips
  • Lightweight magnesium allow body at 4.5kg, offering a stunning user experience



  •  eOptimized — One key optimization in different modes
  •  PW auto trace — One key in automatic measurement
  •  High capacity storage with USB transfer
  •  eTouch — Efficient ‘Swipe’ gesture control
  •  Innovative user interface layout with accurate function division.
  • eOptimized – One key optimization in different modes
  • PW auto trace – One key in automatic measurement
  • 100+ GB High capacity storage, transferable by: USB, DICOM 3.0, and optional Wi-Fi
  • eTouch – Efficient ‘Swipe’ gesture control
  • Innovative user interface layout
  • 15.6-inch LCD monitor with high resolution and 180-degree open angle
  • 10-inch sensitive touch screen for efficient and customizable workflow operation
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy body offering stunning user experience
  • Ethernet, HDMI, S-Video cable and USB 2.0/3.0 ports built in
  • Splitting booting time within 30 seconds
  • Comes with 2 transducer ports; can only use two transducers on the unit
Ultrasound Machine Essentials

15.6″ LCD Medical Monitor

 Dual-Battery Design

High Capacity Storage

USB Transfer