Edan X8 Patient Monitor


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The X8 Patient Monitor fulfills primary clinical requirements in various environments including general wards and in-hospital transfer units. Covering all patient types, from neonate to adult, the new X series is Edan’s most refined monitor yet.

Ultraslim 8 inch screen with high resolution touch screen and intuitive short cut menu for every day operations. WIth a built in carry handle and cable receiving design the X8 is portable with or without a cart.

Standard Parameters:

3/5 lead ECG, EDAN NIBP, EDAN Spo2, 1-Temp, RESP, PR and HR

Optional Parameters:

Edan G2 CO2, and 6-12 lead ECG

Patient Monitor Brand

Patient Monitor Condition


  • 8GB internal memory and built in wifi allows for easy review and data transfer to an EMR.
  • Per patient you can store:
    240 hours of trend graph and trend table review
    200 sets of alarm review
    200 sets of arrhythmia review
    1200 sets of NIBP review
    48 hours of full disclosure waveform review
  • New optional 6 lead ECG:
    An unique 6-lead system with automatic chest lead identification, making cardiac monitoring more flexible. Includes iSEAPTM ECG monitoring and diagnosis algorithm to assist with arrhythmia detection. In certain emergency cases if you need a quick ECG placement without all leads, the X series will only pick up the ECG leads you placed.
  • Internal G2 Co2 module:
    This proprietary technology combines an exquisite water trap and a state-of-the-art algorithm iCARBTM, eliminating both moisture and pseudo waves, presenting accurate and immediate readings on a minimal sampling rate.


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