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QRS Universal ECG 12-Channel Resting ECG Machine


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The QRS Universal ECG 12-Channel Resting ECG Machine is easy-to-use, lightweight and efficiently acquires, stores and analyzes up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data.

This ECG interfaces with Office Medic, which brings diagnostic testing right to the point-of-care. Office Medic software also allows the user to add comments and edit the interpretation. In conjunction with Office Medic, this EKG offers 8 report options which are transferable to PDF, JPEG or TIFF formats for easy incorporation into any EMR system. 

The QRS Universal ECG 12-Channel Resting ECG Machine includes resting tab electrodes, a lead placement guide, and more.

EKG Brand

EKG Condition

EKG Configuration

Pc Based

EKG Print Size


Included with each Universal ECG purchase:

  • Universal 12-Channel ECG
  • QRS Resting Tab Electrodes, 100
  • Sure-Lock Snap & Tab Electrode Adapters, 10
  • Lead Placement Guide
  • Office Medic Software
  • 3-year warranty, technical support, and training included


Control Patients
Ventricular Hypertrophy
Myocardial Infarction
Total Accuracy
Padova 89.8 61.3  47.1  62.0  
Nagoya-Fukuda 89.3 42.6  63.7  65.6  
IBM Medis 91.3 49.4  62.5  67.6  
HP (Agilent) 93.5 51.0  64.5  69.3  
Glasgow 94.0 51.0  67.7  69.7 
GE (Marquette) 86.3 61.1  69.7  69.8 
Means 97.1 42.5  67.2  69.8 
Hannover 86.6 72.1  79.0  75.8 
Louvaine 91.5 67.0  82.1*  77.3* 
8 Cardiologists
Combined Scores
 97.1 64.4  80.3  79.2 


The numbers in the table above represent the percent correct diagnosis. For more detailed information about the Louvaine Analysis Program, please download the QRS Universal ECG Algorithm brochure.

¹Willems, J.L., et al., “The Diagnostic Performance of Computer Programs for the Interpretation of Electrocardiograms”, New England Journal of Medicine (1991); 325: 1767-1773.


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