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Riester Ri-scope L3 Ophthalmoscope


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Head Only - C or AA handle sold separately

All ri-scope® L ophthalmoscopes with modular design impress with their high-performance optics with aspherical condenser lens with reduced-reflection view even with small pupils and through improved ergonomics. The new ri-scope® L ophthalmoscopes have a thumbrest for securing the ophthalmoscope, which enables easy control of all the elements with one finger.

The maximized model with additional focusing device and 89 single-step diopter values.

Diagnostic Set Brand


  • Corrective lenses for 89 diopter values
  • Plus 1-45 in single steps; Minus 1-44 in single steps
  • Easy-to-operate aperture hand-wheel with semi-circle, small/medium/large circle, fixation star, slit and grid
  • Includes filter wheel engageable for all apertures with symbol display, red-free filter, blue filter and polarization filter
  • Focussing device with zero retention force for the quick correction of ametropias.
  • Dust-proof