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C4500 Ventilator/Medical Air Compressor


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C4500 Medical Air Compressor


  • Filtered and dried compressed air for use with ventilator patients
  • Safety: high temperature and low pressure audible and visual alarms
  • Quality: oil-free air per EN 12021; low noise and high flow output for demanding hospital environments
  • Standby function – when the central gas supply fails, the compressor will start and deliver compressed air
  • Easy operation: clear user interface; indicator lamps for Alarms, Power and Air Source
  • Convenient maintenance: modular design, standard consumables, working hours meter
  • Ergonomic positioning on ventilator cart

Technical Specifications:

  • Continuous output flow: 40L/min at 350 kpa/ 3.5bar/ 50 psi
  • Peak flow: 180L/min
  • Dew point suppression: >3℃ (below the environment) at 350 kpa/ 3.5bar/ 50 psi
  • Noise: approximately 52 dB(A)
  • Filtration of air to: 5um
  • Air tank capacity: 2L
  • Nominal voltage and frequency:  115 VAC 60 Hz or 220 VAC 50 Hz

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