GT-3 Working Modes Guide

What are the 3 Working Modes?

The GT-3 Vital Signs Monitor comes equipped with SpO2, NIBP, and PR. Optional parameters such as Nellcor SpO2, SunTech NIBP, Oral temp, or Infrared Ear temp can also be configured.  Our GT-3 Working Modes Guide will help you understand each of these modes and how they can benefit your facility. 

Its three working modes make the GT-3 one of the most versatile vital signs monitors on the market. The three working modes include:

  • Monitoring Mode
  • Ward Round Mode
  • Spot-Checking Mode

Where are Modes Displayed?

The GT-3’s modes are displayed In the general information area. Note that the parameter setting is independent in these modes.

How Do I Change the GT-3’s Mode?

To change working modes press the menu button -> enter system setup -> mode-> select the desired work mode.

The monitoring mode is designed for single-patient continuous monitoring. In the monitoring mode, the GT-3 not only visually displays but also stores the patient’s physiological data. In fact, the GT-3 monitoring mode can store up to 120-hr trend data for all of its parameters.

Monitoring Mode Features

  • Continuously monitors SpO2 & Pulse Rate
  • Allows manual NIBP and TEMP checks
  • Storage of trend data
  • Review of trend data
  • Alarms available 

The GT-3’s ward round mode is designed for facilities working with multiple patients. In this mode, you can add multiple patients through manual entry, “Quick Admit”, USB import, or barcode scanning and manage your patients through the “Patient Management” tab under “Menu”.

Ward Round Mode Features

  • Easy patient list setup
  • Quick vital signs taking & upload
  • Ward round record review
  • Alarms are not available, only alert information will be displayed on the main screen

Spot-check mode is used for on-the-go, quick measurements. This mode is designed to work with multiple patients and includes spot-checking data patient management. 

You can review your patient’s spot-checking data using the “Review” tab under the menu while in the Spot-Checking mode.

Spot-Checking Mode Features

  • Quick vital signs taking & upload
  • Spot-checking data trend table
  • Spot-checking data review
  • Alarms are not available, only alert information will be displayed on the main screen

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