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2 Reasons Why Interpretive EKG Machines Are Better Than Non-Interpretive EKG Machines

Interpretive or Non-Interpretive?

Interpretive medical devices aren’t new to the medical industry, but they have had a large impact in a short time. A vast majority of medical professionals prefer to purchase interpretive devices over non-interpretive devices. But, why? If you own an interpretive EKG machine you already know the answer to this question: Efficiency & Accuracy. 

Interpretation Example :

Non-Interpretive Example :

Interpretive EKG Machines use an advanced algorithm that automatically produces an interpretation of an EKG test. Further, lessening the amount of time doctors need to assess and analyze each EKG test which ultimately reduces the cost of each EKG test for the patient or maximizes profit for the doctor.

Accuracy rates vary for each type of interpretive algorithm. In fact, Glasgow interpretation is 94% accurate for the diagnosis of STEMI. Not only are these algorithms highly accurate at diagnosing possible conditions, but they are also significantly faster at diagnosing than any human physician.

Though it may come as a surprise, there are a resounding number of errors in diagnosis when ECGs are interpreted manually.


‘Errors in diagnosis of arrhythmia, conduction disorders and electronic pacemakers accounted for 86.4% of all errors. The rest are represented by misdetection of chamber enlargement (7 cases, 3.4%), misdiagnosis of ischemia and acute myocardial infarction (16 cases, 7.8%), and lead misplacement (5 cases, 2.4%)’

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