Edan iM8 VET Veterinary Monitor


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The Edan IM8 Vet Veterinary Monitor gives you user-friendly and reliable patient monitoring performance, and is guaranteed to meet your basic monitoring needs.

The iM8 comes with a 12.1" high-resolution color TFT-LCD screen, Pacemaker Detection, Defibrillation and Electrosurgical Interference Protection. It also utilizes a unique iSEAP algorithm, which is specially optimized for arrhythmia and high blood pressure patients.

The iM8 Veterinary Monitor streamlines patient monitoring by including NIBP functions (clinical validation), a large storage capacity, a nurse call function, LAN connectivity, Bi-directional communication with the MFM-CMS central station, and Data management via optional PatientCare Viewer Software. 

Vet Machine Brand

Vet Machine Equipment Type


  • High resolution color TFT-LCD Screen
  • Defibrillation and electrosurgical interference protection
  • Pitch tone (Pulse-tone modulation)
  • VGA output (optional)
  • Suitable for feline, canine and other animals


Standard Parameters: 3/5-lead ECG, RESP, EDAN SpO2, NIBP, PR, 2-TEMP
Optional Parameters: 2-IBP, Respironics EtCO2 (iM8 VET), EDAN EtCO2 (iM8B VET), Thermal Recorder