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Imex Pocket-Dop II Obstetric and Vascular Doppler


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Pocket-Dop II

Obstetrical and Vascular Versatility

The Pocket-Dop II from Nicolet Vascular is known worldwide as the leading hand-held Doppler. With its interchangeable obstetrical and vascular probes, the Pocket-Dop II offers exceptional versatility. Use the 2 MHz or 3 MHz obstetrical probes to hear the fetal heartbeat. Use the 5 MHz or 8 MHz vascular probes to screen patients at risk for stroke, peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis and other occlusive vascular conditions or to monitor difficult pulses and obtain systolic blood pressures quickly and easily. The Pocket-Dop II is useful anywhere you are interested in evaluating blood flow.

Obstetrical Examination

The Pocket-Dop II is a valuable aid in detecting pregnancy and monitoring the fetal heartbeat. The built-in speaker amplifies fetal sounds to reassure the expectant mother. A complete obstetrical system should include a 3 MHz probe for early fetal heartbeat detection and a 2 MHz probe for use in later pregnancy or with larger patients. A 2 MHz waterproof probe is ideal for patients who opt for underwater labor or delivery. With the Pocket-Dop II, obstetrical exams are quick, easy and reliable.

Vascular Applications: Ankle/Brachial Index (ABI) and Lower Extremity Examination.

Use the Pocket-Dop II to compare simple Doppler blood pressures in the arm and ankle to help diagnose arterial disease in the lower extremities. Or quickly screen for lower extremity vascular conditions such as deep vein thrombosis or valvular incompetence.

Emergencies and Challenging Clinical Situations.

The Pocket-Dop II can be used to accurately monitor pulses and systolic blood pressures, even in the noisiest environments; confirm blood flow to wound sites, locate vessels for catheterization, withdrawal, injection or IV therapy; clearly hear low systolic blood pressures with patients who are diabetic, elderly or in shock.


*Available in your choice of 2, 3, 5, or 8Mhz probe.  Please make your selection of probe choice when placing your order.

*Additional probes are available for $200.  Please call for the lowest price on additional probes and/or accessories.

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