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3 Advantages of a 3D Ultrasound


The recent development of 3D Ultrasound technology has helped advance new imaging techniques for clinics of all practices. Although traditional 2D imaging is still the most accessible, 3D sonography is important for providing more accurate diagnoses while remaining non-invasive. 

In this article, we’ll cover the applications, advantages and prices of 3D Ultrasounds.

What is an Ultrasound?

An Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that produces images of the inside of a patient’s body. With the help of probes and transducers, Ultrasound Machines can display these images in real time. 

Ultrasounds provide an efficient diagnosis while still remaining cost-effective and safe for patients. In comparison to CT Scans and MRIs, Ultrasounds do not allow visualization of bones, lungs, etc.

What are Ultrasounds Used For?

Ultrasounds are commonly used to diagnose pain, swelling and infection of internal organs, as well as examine babies’ overall health in pregnant women.

Most people are familiar with using ultrasounds for pregnancy and prenatal care. However, Sonographers also use ultrasounds to diagnose specific issues within the body. These categories include:

2D and 3D Ultrasounds

The main types of Ultrasounds are 2D Ultrasounds and 3D Ultrasounds. Both perform the same functions and so do safely. So, how are they different?

2D Ultrasound Machines produce a 2-Dimensional, flat-looking image. Additionally, these systems have been industry standard for over 40 years and are the most accessible across all practices. However, they are not advancing as fast as 3D Ultrasound Machines have in recent years.

3D Ultrasound Machines produce a 3-Dimensional image, more akin to a photograph. Essentially, these systems achieve this by stitching together various angles using software to form a rendered image. Since 3D is a newer technology, it is advancing quickly in our current day and age.


3D Ultrasound Advantages

Here are some advantages 3D Ultrasounds have over 2D Ultrasounds, CT Scans and MRIs.

Greater Clarity

In comparison to 2D imaging technology, 3D Ultrasounds allow for a more detailed and complete view of what is being analyzed, which can mitigate misdiagnosis. 

For example, this is extremely helpful for doctors to show patients fetal anomalies such as cleft lip. Patients can also avoid invasive procedures as a result of obscure images.


Less Manual Control

3D imaging does not require manual control like in 2D sonography. In traditional ultrasounds, the image relies on the Sonographer controlling the transducer throughout the entire test. However, some 3D Ultrasound present various scanning technologies that utilize mechanical scanning, offering more freedom.


Increased Diagnosis Speed

Compared to an MRI or CT Scan, 3D Ultrasounds are more time-efficient, as they produce sonograms in real time that are ready to read and analyze. Additionally, 3D Ultrasounds are less intimidating for the patient. 


Ultrasound Machine Prices

Ultrasound Machine Prices can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Age: Newer ultrasounds have updated technology that can determine imaging speeds, accuracy, and more.
  • Versatility: The more applications an ultrasound machine can perform, the more utility the system provides.
  • Key Features: Prioritize technical features that matter to you such as Bluetooth, color imaging, and portability.

2D Ultrasound Machines

Typically, 2D Ultrasounds can range from $5,000 to $13,000.

3D Ultrasound Machines

On the other hand, 3D Ultrasound Machines, for their advanced imaging capabilities, can range $10,000 from $23,000. However, high-end 3D Ultrasound machines can cost as much as $100,000 or more.


3D Ultrasounds have clear advantages over traditional 2D Ultrasounds as well as CT Scans/MRIs in the right situations. While choosing an Ultrasound is a big investment, we recommend 3D Ultrasounds for their advanced capabilities and widespread utility for different practices. For a complete product catalogue of our Ultrasound Machines, click here.

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