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Our Most Popular Fetal Monitors of 2024

Our Most Popular Fetal Monitors of 2024

CardiacDirect offers a wide variety of Fetal Monitors different parameters, brands and so on. In this article, we’ll highlight our most popular Fetal Monitors in 2024.

CardioTech GT-1300 Fetal Monitor

The CardioTech GT-1300 Fetal Monitor offers a sleek, lightweight design that makes it a perfect monitor for both clinical, hospital, and outpatient settings.

Our most popular fetal monitor features a 5.6” foldable black and white screen, silicone buttons and MFM-CNS network connectivity for seamless remote monitoring.  In addition, the GT-1300 offers flexible printing options and multiple USB ports to expand storage capacity. The GT-1300 is also configured for twin monitoring with 2 FHR Probes and Signal Overlap Verification to separate the heart rates.

Buy the CardioTech GT-1300 Fetal Monitor here.

Front view of the Edan F2 with screen titled up, parameters displayed and transducers resting on the left side of the unit.
CardioTech GT-1400 Fetal Monitor with the screen folded up and parameters actively monitoring. Transducers are attached on the left side of the unit.

CardioTech GT-1400 Fetal Monitor

The CardioTech GT-1400 Fetal Monitor is designed for use in moving situations and covers the entire continuum of antepartum and intrapartum applications.

This high-end hospital grade fetal monitor is configured for twins monitoring and features a 10.2” LCD folding display, 24 hours waveform playback and a handle for easy carrying. Furthermore, the GT-1400 is equipped with a long lasting lithium ion battery that provides 4 hours of continuous work. The CardioTech GT-1400 has the optional capabilities of Dual FHR Monitoring, Internal Parameters of IUP/DECG, and built-in wireless modes.

Buy the CardioTech GT-1400 Fetal Monitor here.

Bionet FC 1400 Fetal Monitor

The Bionet TwinView FC 1400 Fetal Monitor provides accurate obstetric measurements in the most rigorous clinical environments. 

This fetal monitor detects and displays twin fetus heart rates and uterine activity in real time. Additionally, the FC 1400 features a 7” Wide Color LCD Display, 12 hours of memory capacity and 10 smart keys for efficient operation. With 72-hour trace data reviewer and high-speed printouts, the FC 1400 is reliable and easy to use.

Buy the Bionet TwinView FC 1400 Fetal Monitor here.

An overhead shot of the Bionet TwinView FC 1400 Fetal Monitor with the display on and 10 smart keys.
The Huntleigh Soncaid Team3 Series Fetal/Maternal Monitor with fetal parameters active on the screen, a printout and transducers attached on the front and side of the monitor.

Huntleigh Sonicaid Team3 Series Fetal Monitor

The Huntleigh Team3 Fetal Monitor enhances obstetric care standards by providing a comprehensive view of both the fetus and mother’s status

This Fetal/Maternal Monitor is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface driven by icons that is easy of use. The fetal heart rate also adjusts automatically for single or twin monitoring, which optimizes visibility. With the Team3’s array of features, it delivers cost-effective, reliable, and accurate monitoring for all mothers across various BMI ranges, from antenatal to labor settings.

Buy the Huntleigh Sonicaid Team3 Series Fetal Monitor here.

GE Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor

The GE Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor is designed to provide accurate and reliable monitoring of maternal and fetal health during antepartum, labor and delivery.

This monitor features an innovative HeartBeat Coincidence Recognition to show both the fetal and/or maternal heart rates and warns about duplicate signals. The Corometrics 170 Fetal Monitor includes a remote event marker to note events such as fetal movements on the strip chart, as well as a large LCD display for easy viewing. Additionally, the 170 series provides both an audible and visual alert automatically to alert clinicians over abnormal parameters.

Buy the GE Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor here.

Top view of the GE Healthcare Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor with a telemetry interface and a printer towards the front.
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