The Cardiotech GT-1300 Fetal Monitor offers a sleek, lightweight design that makes it a perfect monitor for both clinical, hospital, and outpatient settings. The GT-1300 offers advanced functionality such as twin monitoring, a foldable black and white screen, and central monitoring station support.

  • Convenient to Carry or Transport
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Long-life Lithium-ion battery for outpatient service
  • Easy to Read & Operate
  • 5.6 inch foldable screen
  • Large numeric and waveform display
  • Simple workflow with silicone buttons for operations
  • Advanced FHR Detection Technology
  • Signals Overlap Verification to differentiate twins FHR
  • FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position
  • Flexible Printing Options
  • Built-in thermoprinter
  • Print on 150/152 mm width recording paper
  • 1/2/3 cm/min real-time printing speed
  • 15 mm/sec fast printing speed for history traces
  • Powerful Data Management
  • 12 hours built-up memory for seamless monitoring
  • MFM-CNS network for remote monitoring
  • Insight software for data management on PC
  • USB port to enlarge storage capacity
Fetal Monitor Brand

Fetal Monitor Configuration



  • Configured For Twins Monitoring With Two FHR Probes
  • Foldable black and white screen
  • Backup memory for seamless monitoring
  • Compatible with 150/152 mm thermal recording paper
  • Large numeric and graphic display for ease of readability
  • Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR
  • Long life Li-ion battery guarantees the mobility of GT-1300
  • Convenient probe rack and compact design
  • Central monitoring system supportive
  • DECG & IUP parameters optional


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