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The Complete EKG Machine Shopper’s Manual


When considering the purchase of an EKG machine, you want a system that works well for your facility’s needs. Discovering the right machine for your specific practice will help enhance your workplace workflow and improve the level of care you can provide.

Our EKG Machine Shopper’s Manual for 2023 is here to help you navigate the latest advancements in the EKG machine industry.

What is an EKG Machine?

An EKG (or ECG) Machine records the electrical signals from a heart and captures them on a computer monitor or printer. For instance, Cardiologists often run this test to decide whether a heart is healthy. They are also often used to check for different heart conditions, or even a heart attack.

EKG Machines can last about 7 to 10 years under normal operating scenarios.

Where are EKG Machines used?

EKG machines can be found in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, cardiology offices, operating rooms and ambulances.

What To Consider When Purchasing an EKG Machine

Before you decide what EKG machine to purchase, it’s important to consider some important factors.

The cost of an EKG Machine will depend on several factors, including the brand, number of channels and additional features. More importantly, determine if an interpretive or non-interpretive machine better serves your facility needs. For more information, click here.

Interpretive vs. Non-Interpretive

Interpretive EKG Machines use an advanced algorithm that automatically produces an interpretation of an EKG test. This feature decreases the amount of time doctors need to assess and analyze each EKG test.

Glasgow interpretation is 94% accurate for STEMI diagnosis. These algorithms highly accurate and significantly faster at diagnosing than physicians.

For a full article on interpretive devices vs. non-interpretive devices, click here.


Some of the most popular EKG Machine brands include: Bionet, Welch Allyn, Burdick and GE Healthcare, which we carry at CardiacDirect. For the best value and the latest features/technology, we highly recommend our CardioTech line.

Be advised that different brands also offer varying warranties and training.

Number of Channels

EKG Machines have various configurations, or number of channels. The number of channels on an EKG determines the machine’s size and the dimensions of the printed EKG test. 

The most popular configurations are 3-channel, 6-channel and 12-channel EKG Machines. 12-channel EKG machines are the standard and are typically the most expensive. For a 12-lead ECG placement guide, click here.

Additional Features

While additional features can increase price of your EKG Machine, they can also help the overall workflow of your practice.

For example, the additions of touchscreen, Wi-Fi connection, and on-board PDF creator can add to the total cost of your system. Luckily, most of EKG Machines we sell at CardiacDirect have these included!


Finally, your EKG Machine will likely need these 3 accessories: Rolling stand, electrodes, and EKG paper.

Electrodes are essential components used to capture the electrical signals from the heart. A Rolling stand (cart/trolley) holds and transports an EKG in a medical facility. Finally, EKG paper helps record and visualize the electrical activity of the heart.

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