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Our Most Popular EKG Machines of 2023

Our Most Popular EKG Machines of 2023

CardiacDirect offers different types EKG Machines, from varying print sizes, brands and so on. You may be wondering which models sell the most in the current market. In this article, we’ll highlight our most popular EKG Machines in 2023. 

CardioTech GT-300 EKG Machine

The CardioTech GT-300 EKG Machine is our most popular offering among new and returning customers. The GT-300 stands out among the competition with features such as an alphanumeric keyboard, a built-in thermal recorder, and realtime waveform freeze. The machine also comes included with Glasgow interpretation, which is one of the most accurate forms of interpretation in the medical device industry.

Buy the CardioTech GT-300 EKG Machine here.

CardioTech GT-300 EKG Machine

GE Healthcare MAC 1200/2000 EKG Machine

The GE Healthcare MAC 1200 Resting ECG System is a 12-channel EKG Machine with built-in interpretation software.

With a preview screen for EKG viewing and a full keyboard, the GE Mac 1200/2000 EKG Machine is easy to use for all clinicians. Additionally, the Marquette 12SL analysis program provides a complete set of analysis tools that have been thoroughly tested with various databases. 

Buy the GE Healthcare Mac 1200 Resting ECG System here.

Buy the GE Healthcare MAC 2000 Resting ECG System here.

GE Healthcare MAC 1200

Burdick ELI 280 EKG Machine

The Burdick ELI 280 EKG Machine boasts proven ECG performance with digital integration.

This EKG machine features a 10” high-resolution touch screen, easy to navigate menu system and wireless data transmission. With an advanced feature-set for improved workflow, the Burdick ELI 280 is designed for ease-of-use with reliability you can trust.

Buy the Burdick ELI 280 EKG Machine here.

CardioTech GT-500 PC-Based EKG Machine

The CardioTech GT-500 PC Based EKG Machine integrates comprehensive ECG solutions into a PC-based platform.

The GT-500 performs as a data management system, connecting all standalone ECG machines to a paperless workflow. With advanced capabilities such as real-time ECG waveform display and Heart Rate Visibility analysis, the CardioTech GT-500 is for clinicians looking to maximize performance.

Buy the CardioTech GT-500 EKG Machine here.

GT-500 PC Based EKG Machine

Burdick ELI 230 EKG Machine

The Burdick ELI 230 Resting EKG Machine is a premier ECG system, delivering advanced disease management capabilities.

The Burdick ELI 230 is equipped with an Enhanced Barcode Workflow, wireless capability and configurable critical values. With one of the industry’s leading cardiology management systems, the ELI 230 is streamlined for efficient workflow and greater functionality.

Buy the Burdick ELI 230 EKG Machine here.

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