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The Complete Vital Signs Monitor Shopper’s Manual


Healthcare facilities rely on Vital Signs devices to measure the general physical health of a patient. If you’re in the market for a Vital Signs Monitor, it may seem overwhelming where to start looking. Finding the right machine can, however, boost your workplace efficiency and elevate the quality of care you’re able to deliver.

Continue reading our Vital Signs Monitor Shopper’s Manual for 2023 to help you find the right VSM for your facility!

What is a Vital Signs Monitor?

Vital Signs Monitors measure the basic vitals of a patient, which include Oxygen Saturation Levels, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Pulse Rate. For a guide on Normal Vital Signs by Age, click here.

Typically, medical providers will use VSM’s to perform routine spot-check monitoring or continuous bedside monitoring. Vital Signs Monitors are mainly used in low acuity environments such as general medical and surgical wards.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Vital Signs Monitor

Before purchasing a Vital Signs Monitor, it’s important to consider some important factors. A Vital Signs Monitor’s price will depend on several factors, including the brand, parameters, additional features and extra accessories.


At CardiacDirect, we carry the most popular VSM brands including: GE Healthcare, Welch Allyn and Mindray. For the best value and the latest technology, we highly recommend our CardioTech line.


Before deciding on a purchase, it is important to evaluate the nature of your facility to determine your specific monitoring criteria. As previously mentioned, VSM’s measure Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Temperature and Oxygen Saturation. Vital Signs Monitors are great for low-acuity monitoring. 

If you need any additional parameters, we recommend purchasing a Patient Monitor. For a detailed comparison between a Vital Signs Monitor and a Patient Monitor, click here.

Additional Features

Features play in the price of your Vital Signs Monitor.. However, they can also help the overall workflow of your practice. Some of these additional built-in features include printing, Wi-Fi, touchscreen, and EMR Integration. Many of the top Vital Signs Monitors we carry at CardiacDirect have these included!

Extra Accessories

Commonly purchased vital sign accessories include: rolling stands, wall mounts, cuffs, and adapter cables. 

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