CardioTech GT-500W Wireless PC Based EKG Machine


Independence Month Sale: 1,000 Electrodes Included

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The CardioTech™ GT-500W PC-based ECG is an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG with powerful data analysis functions. This PC ECG workstation integrates comprehensive ECG solutions into a PC-based platform that increases efficiency for each test and streamlines daily workflow. 

The GT 500W performs as a data management system, connecting all standalone ECG machines for a paperless workflow. The PC software provides efficient access to diverse applications, which includes ECG data management, stress test and ECG network gateway. Multiple report formats include PDF, DICOM, JPG, DOC and more. 

With advanced capabilities such as real-time ECG waveform display and Heart Rate Visibility analysis, the CardioTech GT-500W is for clinicians looking to maximize performance. 

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Standard Configuration (Wireless), + Stress Test Software, Standard Configuration w/ 1,000 Electrodes INDEPENDENCE MONTH SALE


CardioTech GT-500W Wireless PC Based EKG Machine Brochure

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0.5 based on 10 votes
Brand Name
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GT-500W Wireless PC-Based EKG Machine

Customer Reviews

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Amazing device!!

I purchased this PC based EKG machine 2 months ago for my FAA medical examiner practice. I was apprehensive at first, worried that the software might not be user-friendly, or the device may be flimsy. In fact, the EKG device is wonderfully compact and easy to use, which at the same time the cords are high quality and sturdy. The software was extremely easy to load on my laptop, taking only a few minutes. It's even easier to use. A simple tutorial is even available on YouTube in video format. I'm very pleased with the product. For those of my customers who need an EKG, it generally takes less than ten minutes (extra time required only for hairy chests). The EKG captures in ten seconds, after which, with a few mouse clicks, I can save it as a PDF, which I can then send electronically to the FAA. No need for printing and scanning, no wasting of expensive EKG paper, no worries about printer malfunction. I love this little EKG machine, and highly recommend it to any and all practitioners who need a simple, portable, reliable option which offers the options of either printed EKG or direct transfer to electronic PDF file. And I should also point out that while deciding on this model, CardiacDirect provided me exceptional customer support (thank you, Evan Rockwell), describing different options, helping me understand their relative pros/cons, and even offering a helpful discount. I'm very impressed by both the company and the products I purchased. I highly recommend this online vendor, and this EKG device, to anyone reading this review.

  • Simultaneous 12 Leads acquisition
  • Handheld design
  • Real-time ECG waveforms display on the PC screen
  • Auto/Manual measurement and interpretation
  • WORD, PDF, and JPG format reports transferred via E-mail
  • Optional advanced analysis functions: Timed vectorcardiogram, VCG(3D), SAECG, QT interval dispersion, HRT, HFECG, Frequency Spectrum cardiogram
  • 30s-900s HRV (heart rate variability) sample and analysis
  • Stress test and exercise blood pressure monitor (option)
EKG Machine Essentials

Burdick ELI 280 Simultaneous 12-Lead Acquisition

Handheld EKG Machine Check Handheld Design

Burdick ELI 280 Real-time ECG waveforms display on PC screen

Burdick ELI 280 WORD, PDF, and JPG format reports transferred via E-mail

Commonly Asked Questions

The GT-500W PC Based EKG Machine has a 2-year warranty.

GT-500W PC Based EKG Machine Accessories:

The up-to-date clinical methodologies boost your productivities in each and every PC Based EKG test with practical workflow, reliable SEMIP® algorithm, and rich outputs.

Resting ECG: Supports up to 30 minutes of ECG acquisition with full-disclosure waveforms, VCG, TVCG, SAECG, QTD, HRV, and HRT analysis are also available for corresponding applications.

Stress Test: Supports unlimited user-defined protocols with automatic 12-lead reports. ST assessment, METs, Double Product, Duke Score, and FAI% are also included to render you a complete integrated report

Centralized ECG Explorer: Besides regular ECG examinations, the GT 500W also performs as a data management system, connecting all the standalone ECG machines to realize a paperless workflow.

The GT 500W PC based EKG Machine integrates comprehensive EKG solutions into one elegant PC based EKG platform. The versatile PC software, combining with the exquisite EKG sampling boxes, provides efficient access to diverse applications:

• 18/16/15/12/9-lead Resting ECG

• ECG Machine Data Management

• Stress Test

• ECG Machine Network Gateway

product image
0.5 based on 10 votes
Brand Name
Product Name
GT-500W Wireless PC-Based EKG Machine